B2B eCommerce Site Map & UX Direction


At Infor’s Hook & Loop, I worked with a team of visual designers and brand strategists to develop a new marketing site for a large industrial equipment distributor. The company was already using Infor’s software to manage their inventory, but was looking to hook that inventory management system into an eCommerce marketplace.

While Infor’s back-end engineers worked to complete the marketplace, I set out to lay the foundation for a new marketing site, while also planning for the future transformation to a transactional B2B eCommerce marketplace.

Strategy: Since the project entailed two phases, the information architecture strategy I took was to build a navigation that was easy to scale from a pure marketing site to an eCommerce site. I wanted to make sure that the eCommerce solution could easily plug in to the marketing site to simplify the transition, and put the client in business ASAP.


What I Did

  • Examined Existing Information / Site Architecture
  • Analyzed Site Analytics
  • Synthesized Findings into New Site Architecture
  • Designed Wireframe Concepts for Marketing Site