NYCares Mobile App Concept


Background: New York Cares matches approximately 53,000 volunteers every year to projects around the 5 boroughs through partner organizations. On the NYCares website, volunteers can search projects using a variety of criteria. This functionality is available through the mobile web, but is not optimized for mobile use, nor does the organization have a mobile application.

Research: I created an 8 question survey to understand how other volunteers find projects (search with specific criteria versus browse), what criteria they use to select a project (type, day, borough, etc.), and the ideal project date (within a week, within a month).

“There are so many projects all the time and I’m sure most people can find something that works with their schedule and a variety of different projects.” -Karen P. via Yelp

Design: The design focuses on filtering through projects in a variety of ways, starting with featured projects that tend to be within the next 2-3 days. Volunteers can quickly switch to My Projects or Now!, which presents a feed of the most popular projects at the moment. When the volunteer hits Browse, the app displays all Project Types and the number of projects per type. Once a volunteer selects a type, projects are sorted by date, but can be further filtered by borough (not shown).

What I Did

  • Research
  • Visual Design
  • Photoshop