Rapid Usability Testing Lab

American Express Bi-Weekly Usability Testing Lab

The Rapid Usability Testing Lab allows product and design teams to gather user feedback on ideas, concepts, or features. With We Are Experience, an external research provider, I worked with these teams to formulate research objectives and refine their prototypes (Invision for clickable prototypes) to be tested by 6 American Express Card members. During lab days, I engaged observers by tracking test assumptions and sketching with them based on user feedback.

Topics included servicing features on AmericanExpress.com, Hotel Checkout on the travel site, mobile web, mobile app, live chat and electronic gift cards. While running the lab, I worked with teams from 6 business units, growing the demand for the service by consistently delivering value to participating product teams.

Sketches shown here are mine.

What I Did

  • Identify Topics
  • Set & Refine Research Objectives
  • Work with Designers to Prepare Prototypes (Invision)
  • Time Tests with 2-Week Agile Sprints
  • Track Assumptions
  • Draft Insights
  • Manage Research Agency Relationship